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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

7 World Most Popular New Car News

1. Ford Mustang 2014/2015

Ford eventually re-birth of the sixth generation of his muscle car that Mustang , the car with the performance and look of the ' violent ' is finally dared to reveal his true identity is the latest ( 2014/2015 ) .

With its evolutionary design changes without leaving the distinctive character since the first generation muscle car , the 2014 Mustang was transformed into a figure of truly novel or The All New .
Mustang 2014/2015 received some elements of style that is fresh and modern , as well as the trapezoidal grille design ( trapesiumnya ) are increasingly gahar and character , not to mention the added thinner headlamp design and a ' sharp ' . To the stern , classic scent remains visible with classic fastback roof and posture .

Update the interior belonging to many changes although they tend to be the same layout as the previous generation . Ford promises to provide the cockpit with lots of high- quality materials and new technologies , including Intelligent Access , SYNC , MyFord Touch , Track Apps , MyColor gauges , Blind Spot and Shaker Pro audio system .

2015 Mustang is also expected to provide better handling thanks to the separation - link rear suspension with a new aluminum rear radius , stability control system and launch control system which is the latest standard .

Moving on to the engine , the latest Mustang will be sold with a choice of three powerplants . Among others, for the entry-level will be equipped with 3.7 -liter V6 engine that is powered at least 300 hp and torque of 270 lb - ft of torque , for the European version is equipped with a more powerful engine of 305 hp and 300 lb - ft of torque to the 2.3 -liter EcoBoost engine four - potter . Lastly, the most popular 5.0 -liter V8 engine that will be equipped with a more than 420 hp and 390 lb - ft of torque .

2. MINI Cooper 2014/2015
 After several years of success with this unique car models and petite . Now finally the Mini started slightly change the character by adding some blend of comfort with an environmentally friendly engine technology .

For the 2014 model year or some call the 2015 models , both are essentially the same only the name has been a different term . Automotive and released by Carscoop , later revealed the official figure of this new Mini Cooper .

Mini Cooper ( S ) 2015

What's new ?

Claimed to be more efficient in fuel use and also respect road users , especially pedestrians in terms of size . Mini begin to change the design of this new model follows a smaller engine technology . But still with a stylish exterior design .

Mini Cooper 2015 - Interior

Key Features

Although some people assume her body is a bit bigger , it is seen from the design of a longer snout , tiny design remains the main attraction .

Mini Cooper S 2015 - Machine

The plan will be two variants of the new exterior design brings the Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S. Both will be equipped with some advanced features such as options ;

 Machine -based turbocharged 1.5-liter three - cylinder with around 134-136 hp power for Cooper .
    Cooper S equipped with the 2.0- liter four - cylinder engine capable of producing around 189-192 hp .
    Equipped with an adjustable suspension and is the first feature in the Mini family .
    Having a lighter vehicle weight despite a slight change in the model tend to be larger than the previous model .
    MiniConnected latest technology that has been pinned .

3. All New BMW M3 and M4 2014

Just today ( 12/12 ) manufacturer BMW is entrenched in the German state debut world premiere of two new cars for 2014. Both of her latest hero is all-new BMW M3 sedan and all-new twin BMW M4 coupe . Both are equipped with the latest exterior design is more ' sensitive ' to the aerodynamics .
 This sports car is a continuation of the flagship BMW M by presenting the all-new BMW M3 as the fifth generation . While the all-new BMW M4 first generation who was asked to become the successor to its former glory . First in the launch strategy of BMW cars , M4 coupe was launched simultaneously with the same car but the type sedan ( 4 - door ) .

All New 2014 BMW M3 Sedan

The two cars are identical in terms of exterior design and engine of BMW GmbH is a design that refers to the strong performance of BMW M models . Equipped with a 6 - cylinder inline engine tech turbocharger ( M TwinPower turbo ) that is capable of producing maximum power 431 hp and peak torque of 550 Nm .

Torque that can be achieved at this time increased by about 40 percent from the previous M3 generations torque . But it was able to save the consumption of fuel oil ( BBM ) to 25 percent . Both M3 and M4 is the latest , both capable of reaching speeds of 0-100 kmh / kph in just 4.1 seconds , with a note using the M Double Clutch transmission option 7-speed ) .
 All New 2014 BMW M4

In addition , the configuration of the machine is more 'small' this significantly improves performance thanks to reduced weight of the new series of up to 80 kg than the previous M3 .

4. Hyundai i40 and Tourer

The launch of these two macho car took place at the most prestigious auto show in Malaysia , Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show ( KLIMS ) 2013.

Hyundai i40 is designed with the design of ' fluidic sculpture ' which is inspired by the flow of water that sculpt the shape of each object in its path , similar to the design of the Hyundai Sonata . Design a beautiful face smiling as if he were decorated by hexagonal grille and headlamp HID sporty and Dytime Running Lights .

Hyundai i40 Tourer facial

 Hyundai i40 Tourer rear view

Entry into the cabin , the interior filled with luxury black leather lining equipped with latest technology like smart key with push start , cruise control , bluetooth , voice recognition system , dual - zone auto air con and a variety of other sophistication . Especially for the i40 Tourer , there will be technology Audio Video Navigator ( AVN ) and rear - seat entertainment special that no one in the sedan version .

Shown macho , Hyundai 's new duo has a cabin space that is wide enough . In terms of size , the i40 Tourer can carry payloads of up to 553 liters with automatic tailgate . Slightly smaller , the sedan version of the i40 is able to charge up to 505 liters filled with 20 liters of underfloor space .

Can contain up to 553 liters for the i40 Tourer

i40 sedan has the fit 20 -liter underfloor

Sightings exterior and interior is cool must be balanced with the kitchen runway mantab . 2.0-liter GDI engine that is capable of blowing up power up to 177 hp and peak torque to 214 Nm combined six-speed gearbox torque converter -made Hyundai the source of the power duo of new cars .

both use the 2.1 -liter GDI engine

2.0-liter GDI engine

All feature the new champ duo Hyundai i40 priced at RM 159,888 or approximately USD 579 million for Hyunda i40 sedan . While Hyundai i40 Tourer will be released at a price of RM 178,888 which is equivalent to USD 644 million .

5. Honda Jazz/Fit RS 2014

Honda Jazz or also known as the Honda Fit , re upgrading their latest series by presenting Jazz RS 2014. Citycar that had dominated the market up to 4.87 million units in the global market , now look even more special.
Honda Jazz RS 2014
This upgrade turns the series is offered with 3 types of engines . The first type of cardiac pacemaker adopt Atkinson DOHC i -VTEC 1.3 -liter capacity . This engine is also mated to a CVT for efficiency spending only 26 km / liter .

 Honda Jazz RS 2014
2nd series is applied with engine capacity of 1.5 liter direct-injection DOHC i - VTEC . While the machine is supported with 3rd mersin 1.5 i - Vtec DOHC Atkinson mated to electric power . The heart pacemaker is still in harmony with the 7-speed DCT ( Dual Clutch Transmission ) .Honda Jazz or also known as the Honda Fit , re upgrading their latest series by presenting Jazz RS 2014. Citycar that had dominated the market up to 4.87 million units in the global market , now look even more special .
Honda Jazz RS 2014
This upgrade turns the series is offered with 3 types of engines . The first type of cardiac pacemaker should adopt Atkinson DOHC i -VTEC 1.3 - liter capacity . This engine is also mated to a CVT for efficiency spending only 26 km / liter .
 Honda Jazz RS 2014
Citycar this new series comes with a more aerodynamic design . Performance was also improved suspension . Therefore , Honda to indianautosblog ( 20/11 ) , claiming that the Honda Jazz RS 2014 is a special form of service in the drive . It looks new and comfortable , and minimal vibration .
Embedded features include VSA ( Vehicle Stability Assist ) , HSA ( Hill - Start Assist ) and Emergency Stop Signal ( ESS ) .Honda Jazz RS 2014

 Citycar this new series comes with a more aerodynamic design . Performance was also improved suspension . Therefore , Honda to indianautosblog ( 20/11 ) , claiming that the Honda Jazz RS 2014 is a special form of service in the drive . It looks new and comfortable , and minimal vibration .
Embedded features include VSA ( Vehicle Stability Assist ) , HSA ( Hill - Start Assist ) and Emergency Stop Signal ( ESS ) .

7. Toyota Aqua G Sport

 In the automotive exhibition that will be held in the country Sakura - Japan namely Tokyo Motor Show ( TMS ) 2013 , Toyota is preparing to bring a strong candidate competitors Honda Jazz .
Toyota Aqua G Sports is a car that is similar to its competitors that famous first . Originally , Toyota will bring and introduce them into the world
at the TMS 2013, which lasted 20 November.
 Toyota Aqua G Sport
The hybrid hatchback will be met by the market All New Honda Jazz Hybrid in the global market . Carrying the sporty model makes it more complete with debriefing advanced features like ABS , EBD , and brake assist .
 Toyota Aqua G Sport - interior
Toyota invested him with a 1500cc engine which left entirely particular problem set- up to ' workshop ' Gazoo Racing to support more performance mantab . Toyota hatchback 's wheelbase has a length of about 2,250 mm . For their own marketing is expected to begin appearing in Japan about the event immediately following the TMS 2013.
 7. Honda Vezel (Jazz SUV)

One of the most prestigious auto show in Japan , Tokyo Motor Show 2013 , opened today and will last until December 1, 2013 date in the future . As a world famous automaker , of course Honda also helped enliven the automotive arena .
In the booth so Honda is one of the most popular visitor , seemed present a new figure that has never been seen before . He is Honda Vezel , SUV class car designed by the third generation of Honda Jazz .
 Front view of Honda Vezel

This Honda SUV last claimed the privilege of presenting the quality and SUV -style coupe with an elegant look that functionality is not lost with the minivan . Indeed, when viewed from the outside , Honda Vazel this elegant new design that is very promising .

Honda Vezel rear view

Did not stop there , present as a hybrid car , Honda Vezel adapting the machine the motor Sport Hybrid i - DCD systems that provide power to 110 hp and 134 Nm of torque with transmission seven-speed twin - clutch . Details and more complete specifications about the new Honda SUV 's will be announced on 19th December.

7 Most Popular Motor Sport Towards 2014

1. New Kawasaki Z1000 2014

Just a few time ago New Kawasaki Z1000 was introduced in 2014 and officially debuted globally at EICMA 2013, Milan. Moge radical bodywork design is out of the mainstream (general thoughts) from Kawasaki was first marketed in Europe and America.

However, beyond our estimates, with the Z1000 quickly move closer to Asian countries, namely India. In Europe and America alone, New Kawasaki Z1000 2014 began circulating in early November with a price tag of around U.S. $ 11.999 (ABS) which is equivalent to USD 147 million.

Moge engined 1043cc, 4-cylinder inline engine is capable of producing about 142 hp with a peak torque reaches 111 Nm.

Some automotive media are entrenched in the country's Bollywood says there are at least two major possibilities of the launch which falls on Saturday (23/12/2013) future.

The first possibility, it is true that to be launched is the latest 1000cc engine Moge (New Z1000 2014). Second, not only glide alone, the possibility that her sister - Z800 will also pave.

Two of these possibilities because the Kawasaki sticking entrenched in Pune - India, still keeping the figure is meant to pave moge. But Bike Advice believes that it only leads to the possibility of the nearest two figures moge, New Z1000 and Z800 2014.

For Z800 alone in the country, PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) has been launched in August (2013) ago with a tag of $ 170 million OTR

2. Ducati Streetfighter 848 2014

Ducati released the variant moge naked sport - bike with 850cc engine cubication that in recent years become one of the excellent world . ' Italian Beast ' in question is the 2014 Ducati Streetfighter 848 . A sporty moge are loaded with strong performance and a comfortable riding position .

Moge for 2014 is equipped with the latest frames that offer lighter weight , reliable and agile riding and ' bite ' wheels to asphalt over the maximum . The latest set of frames is well integrated with the front fork system - 43mm Marzoochi the system up-side -down and monoshock rear suspension that is more reliable .

 Cardiac pacemaker of the Streetfighter 848 2014 is still carrying cubication 849cc , L - Twin cylinder , liquid-cooled , 4 - valve per cylinder . Of these machines are able to produce power ranging from 132 hp at 10,000 rpm with peak torque to 93.5 Nm at 9,500 rpm .
New Ducati Streetfighter 848 2014 this began to slide and is priced starting at U.S. $ 14.495 or equivalent to Rp 175 million . For this new model is available in only two colors namely Red ( red ) and Dark Stealth ( black ) .

3. Suzuki GSX-R750 50th Anniversary

Recently, the world motorcycle manufacturer, Suzuki released the special variant of its 750cc sport bike. In order to celebrate the birthday-50 years. Suzuki GSX-R750 for the 2014 model was not separated from the touch of the anniversary celebration.

Suzuki GSX-R750 50th Anniversary sold at a special price of U.S. $ 12.499 or equivalent to Rp 151 million. With a swathe of red paint (Candy Online Red-Glass/Sparkle Black) filled with the spirit of making it different from the standard model.

The game's special decal is why the price is more expensive at around U.S. $ 200 (Rp 2.5 million) when compared to the standard variant. Where the standard variant consists of a color Metallic Triton Blue / Pearl Glacier White, Glass Sparkle Black / Pearl Mira Red sold at a price of U.S. $ 12.299 (U.S. $ 148.5 million).

4. KTM Super Duke 1290 R 2014

Kiska is a design and brand consulting firm who formed a partnership with Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM in several production projects . One of them is seen from the figure Patriot of ' The Beast ' KTM Super Duke R 2014 1290 .

Although a few months ago the figure has been widely publicized by the international media , the Patriot will be sold exclusively for the Americas region . Because the design amaze with dominant blue - red - white and the star took the motif of the flag of the country of Uncle Sam .

Carrying the exact same engine specification with the regular version ( sold in Europe ) , The Beast was given special hue and most distinctive decal with others . A touch of 'cat ' and the graphics are very neat and trim look in detail wheel tread width .

Some automotive circles hope that this design is able to be the standard version of KTM products sold in the future . However , unfortunately, until the appearance of the photos circulated widely , there has been no direct confirmation of KTM on the launch of the Patriot .

 5. KTM Super Duke 1290 R dan Adventure 1190

KTM officially announced the price of their three latest motor sport that goes into the KTM family RC series . Third it is a sport bike KTM RC125 , RC390 with KTM RC8R certificate and A2 . There was also a 1290 KTM Super Duke and Adventure R 1190 .

KTM RC125 is becoming a serious competitor for the Yamaha YZF R125 is priced around £ 4.499 , equivalent to USD 88 million . Sport bike with an engine capacity in the RC family can generate power of 15 hp . Weight of this motor reaches 135 kg .

For RC390 which carries the exact same bodywork with RC125 , KTM membanderolnya £ 4.999 at a price equivalent to Rp 97.8 million . This 390cc motorcycle engine can generate power of 43 hp engine , weighing about 147 kg .

KTM RC8R itself for a new model priced at 13.499 pounds , equivalent to Rp 264 million . While the standings of the KTM Super Duke family 1290 R Duke pegged price of £ 13.999 is equivalent to USD 273.8 million . One more thing , as a dual-purpose bike - 1190 KTM Adventure latest price tag around 12.999 pounds , equivalent to Rp 254.3 million .

6. Yamaha MT-07

Yamaha recently entrenched in the country 's Queen Elizabeth - England , released the MT - 07 , announced the official price . Moge manifold naked sport - bike is the latest product from the manufacturer 's tuning fork logo .

As we shared earlier that the MT - 07 is down from the MT - 09 is equipped with the latest engine technology Yamaha the same but got a little reduction of space fuel capacity - 700cc .

In the UK , membanderol Yamaha MT - 07 with prices starting at around £ 5.200 or equivalent to Rp 101 million .

Yamaha complete with engines 689cc parallel - twin berkubikasi that can generate power of 75 hp . This machine adopts the cross -plane crankshaft is also used on the YZF R1 - Yamaha sport bike the standings . This technology is proven to provide a ' kick ' extraordinary power on lap down to lap up the engine .

Yamaha Indonesia ( YIMM ) there has been no indication or signs will present it in the near future . Because the recently released four YIMM moge sport , scooter and also touring in Jakarta some time ago .

7. MV Agusta Rivale 800 

One moge naked-bike MV Agusta getting paved in the country in early 2014. Burly figure to be adopted by the Indonesian PT Moto Arte (MAI) as a distributor in Indonesia is MV Agusta Rivale type 800.
 Steven Oentoro as CEO of MAI asserts that the intention to bring this new Moge is a form of appreciation to the bikers and fans of MV Agusta especially existing in the country.

MV Agusta Rivale 800 is equipped with a 800cc engine, 3-cylinder that can generate power of 125 hp at 12,000 rpm and peak torque to 84 Nm at 8,600 rpm. For an overall weight of 170 kg moge.

For the reference price in the country, the MAI is still not willing to disclose it clearly. This is because there is still a possibility of increase in luxury sales (tax)